15 June 2013

The "News on e-books" Flipboard magazine

Those who have signed up to this Flipboard magazine (for iPad, iPhone and Android devices) will have seen that it has quickly developed a large reader-base - 5,620 readers just a moment ago. My colleague Elena Maceviciute has become a contributor, bringing her knowledge of other languages. I had already started "flipping" stories in German, French, Swedish, Portuguese and Spanish (Danish and Norwegian also pop up from time to time) - now Elena can add Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, and, at a pinch, one or two other eastern European languages, as well as doing a better job with the Scandinavian languages. I can't provide a link to a Website for this, since Flipboard is not available for desktop machines (yet) - but, if you have an appropriate device you can easily check it out - simply put "News on e-books" in the Flipboard search box and one of the first things on the list will be the magazine.