19 September 2008

ISIC Conference Day 3

Another chill day, but the rain made it seem a little milder :-) Lithuania has thrown everything at us except sunshine and snow - who knows what tomorrow will bring?

We had another day of diverse topics, with simultaneous sessions in the first part of the morning. One presentation was introduced with Maori chants, which is a first for ISIC, while another was delivered by DVD in the unavoidable absence of the author - another first. Others dealt with matters as diverse as the difficulty of using search engines, the use of Wikipedia, exploring a user perspective on relevance, evaluating search engines from a user-perspective and even exploring ISIC as a professional community.

The day ended with a Panel Session on teaching information behaviour, with, en passant, some excellent demonstrations of teaching techniques.

Tomorrow there is a tour to Trakai and Gruta Park - we are definitely hoping for better weather.

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