31 January 2009


To BOBCATSSS this week - only for the first day, unfortunately - in Oporto on a miserably wet and misty day! Very disappointing weather for the conference attendees. For those who don't know it, BOBCATSSS is a meeting specifically for library and information science students - originally for European students, but now open. This conference had attracted more than 300, mostly from Europe. I was there to pick up an award I was given last year, 'Bobcat of the year, 2008' - quite what the American mountain lion thinks of this, I'm not sure!

However, it was a nice event, and I would encourage any department to support the meeting by encouraging students to submit papers or posters: it's a good meeting for the first exposure of ideas. I was somewhat ashamed that this (the 17th conference) was my first meeting, because one of those Ss at the end of the name represents Sheffield - I was one of the founding heads for the conference. At the time we offered only Master's degrees and the PhD and the conference was intended mainly for undergraduates, so we never got round to participating.

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