09 February 2010


I recently discovered 'photoblogs' - like blogs, but you post pictures instead of text. There are a number of these, but I came across Shutterchance by accident and, having explored further, I think it is probably the best. There's a free membership option, or you can take out a subscription and get access to additional features.

I've used Flickr for some time now, but the sense of community in Shutterchance is much stronger: once you begin to exchange comments, the number of contacts grows quickly - you discover a new photoblogger and find that its already been discovered by others who comment on yours. The aim of people appears to be welcoming and quietly, constructively critical - unlike Flickr, to which I suspect that some of the same people who file aggressive comments to blogs and discussion lists are drawn.

The difficulty is that blogging and photoblogging take time! To the point at which I'm seriously thinking of stopping this blog and continuing with my photoblog, which you'll find here.

There are also directories or aggregators of photoblogs - the two best known are photoblogs.org and vfxy.com.

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