26 September 2010

Another reason for Open Access

I've just learnt from one of my authors that Wiley want $130.00 for reproduction rights of a diagram in one of their journals - which is ridiculous.  I doubt if the authors even know about Wiley's charges and, in any event, they won't see a penny of it.  I'm doubtful whether Wiley are on secure legal grounds anyway.  What is the difference between quoting a paragraph of text (with due attribution) and quoting a diagram (with due attribution)?  Rest assured - if you want your diagrams, etc. to be used by others, so that they get wide publicity and citation, Information Research will not prevent it by charging!


  1. Hello Tom!
    I'm agree with you, it's ridiculous to pay any taxes for access to information published online, I think it should be free.
    Congratulations for your blog Tom!

  2. I believe that Open Access is a way of communication between scientists, all the documentation you can find on these platforms have the only purpose of supporting science, and it is a great way for students to have at their disposal the very latest in their field. And so it seems me a shame, and it amazes me that some authors want to charge outrageous money for their works, I can understand that they charge for their work, but they could also contribute something to the scientific community.

    Great blog!