17 December 2010

The blog gets listed

I received an e-mail today telling me that this blog has been ranked number 7 in a list of interesting information science blogs.

I recommend taking a look at the list, there's some interesting stuff there that I hadn't known about previously.


  1. Just to note that the site you link to is one of many linkbait sites, all sponsored primarily by for-profit educational institutions, that put up loads'o'lists to get links on other sites. Look at the About page, and note that most of the institutions listed don't even have ML[I]S programs, much less accredited ones (ones that are of any use whatsoever in a job search). Also, at least one of the blogs hasn't been updated in more than a year...

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Walt. Must remember, "DO NOT take these things at face value" I thought something was odd when I saw the list of Master's programmes :-)