22 March 2011

Over-elaboration, the software revision disease

I've just got rid of the latest version of Skype and re-installed version 2.8 (fortunately still available for download) because the latest version has been revised completely out of sight of the previous version. Frankly, the revision is a mess: I couldn't find out how to access Chat while online, and then discovered it's been re-named Conversation - how silly is this!?  The conversation is what goes on in the speech part of the interaction, Chat is what you write down - universally accepted as such except, apparently, by Skype.  Then I found that my directory had been completely messed up and I couldn't find land-line telephone numbers any longer, without a great deal of effort.  Now, thanks to the earlier version, I'm back to the simple box with names in - ALL the names I need.

It's very odd how software developers insist on making things more complicated in the name of making them 'better' - think of Word, for example: I still hate the newer versions of that program because it completely destroyed my long-established way of working with it.  Perhaps software developers need a banner to hang over their workstations: "Less is best!"

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