01 January 2008

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to all readers of Information Research - we now start on our 13th year of publication, with volume 13 no. 1 to be published in March. [One advantage of the electronic journal is that you can always publish on time, because it doesn't matter how many papers you have in an issue :-)] However, I have been putting papers on the site as they are ready, the first is paper 331 and all you do to get the next one is increase the last digit of the paper number by 1 - the contents page will go on the site in March when everything is ready and the last papers are up. The book reviews are also going up as they are ready and the list of new reviews is being continuously updated.

2007 has been a bumper year for the journal with, according to the page counter, 255,733 page views of the top page of the journal - that's about 100,000 more than my estimate for 2006. (The 2006 counter was only active for nine months, so I extrapolated). The busiest month was October, following publication of Volume 12 No. 4, with the CoLIS conference proceedings supplement - no doubt that boosted usage; and the slackest months are, as you might expect, July and August. Google Scholar tells me that eight of the papers in Volume 12 have already been cited - supporting the notion that open access gets you readers, and, hence citations.

According to Google Analytics, which I use for the InformationR.net site as a whole (which includes the World list of departments..., my home page, etc.), the top ten pages in terms of page views were:

1. Information Research: top page     175,707 page views.
2. Subject index-Information Research     20,010
3. World list... information studies, top page     15,576
4. Electronic Resources for Research Methods     14,162
5. World list of schools and departments - Europe     11,822
6. World list... USA     10,776
7. (Title not given)     10,651
8. Author index-Information Research     7,947
9. Information management (paper in TDW archive)      6,249
10. Alfred Schutz, phenomenology and research (paper in TDW archive)      5,841

I've tried without success, to track down that untitled page, but with almost 3,500 pages on the site, it isn't easy!

I also don't know why there is the discrepancy between the top page count in Google Analytics and that of the page counter - strange...

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