19 January 2008

SCImago journal ranking - again

Wouter Gerritsma has picked up on the existence of the SCImago journal ranking system (based on SCOPUS) and has referenced a couple of earlier posts on this Weblog. He compares the SJR with the Web of Knowledge JIF and discovers that they are quite closely correlated. I wonder if this is not altogether to be expected? The JIF is based on citations to papers in the journal, while the SJR is based on something similar to the Google page rank algorithm - page rank is based on links to sites by other sites, which is, in itself, a form of citing. Wouldn't we expect the two modes to be closely aligned?


  1. Well, a relationship is to be expected. However, such a strong linear relationship was not obvious from the start. The three medical oriented outliers are also explicable with hindsight.

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