09 February 2008

Curious notion of a digital library

"A new digital library, covering 80,000 square meters, is being built to add 2,900 seats to the current 5,000-seat library." So says a report on China's National Library on China View I love the idea of increasing the number of seats in a 'digital' library - watching the signals whizzing by: Whoops! There goes Darwin's origin of the species! Boing! Einstein's first paper on relativity speeds on its way! Crunch! There goes Bush's state of the nation speech! Seats in a digital library must have a grandstand view of cyberspace!


  1. Introduction – Digital Library Development

    Libraries are rightly called the store house of valuable knowledge. It was invented in 5th century BC with both fiction and non fiction books and today there are millions of library all over the world. With rapid growing advancement in every field more and more documents are becoming available in printed forms and Libraries keep and preserve materials making availability of all the historical items.

    Many Libraries in India have not yet catalogued all of their holdings and searching the physical format of over 100 years has become a difficult task. Due to the invent of new technologies, many providers are now providing customized digitization services to the libraries around the world.

    Digital Library Advantage -
    Digital libraries need not keep large and expensive stores of bulky and decaying paper. Libraries can shrink from large warehouses to small rooms and catalogs can be electronic, electronically updatable, and computer generatable, making them easier, faster, and cheaper to search, produce, and update. Libraries will not need to buy multiple copies to allow for book scuffing, book destruction, or to place one book in several categories.

    Nor will they need binderies to bind journals or magazines into volumes, or to rebind old books. Nor will they need reshelvers. Also, the library can more easily refer readers to other books with similar subjects, tastes, or interests.
    Libraries will not need to chemically treat their decaying books, microfilm them, or transcribe them to large-print, or audio. All transformations are easier with electronic books.
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