11 February 2008

New issue of Journal of Electronic Publishing

The latest issue contains the following papers:
William Y. Arms - Cyberscholarship: High Performance Computing Meets Digital Libraries
Jeremy Birnholtz - When Authorship Isn’t Enough: Lessons from CERN on the Implications of Formal and Informal Credit Attribution Mechanisms in Collaborative Research
G. Sayeed Choudhury - The Virtual Observatory Meets the Library
Amy Friedlander - The Triple Helix: Cyberinfrastructure, Scholarly Communication, and Trust
Karla L. Hahn - Talk About Talking About New Models of Scholarly Communication
Charles Henry - Can Universities Dream of Electric Sheepskin?: Systemic Transformations in Higher Education Organizational Models
Ronald L. Larsen - On the Threshold of Cyberscholarship
Stephen G. Nichols - "Born Medieval": MSS. in the Digital Scriptorium
Kathlin Smith - Institutional Repositories and E-Journal Archiving: What Are We Learning?
Peter Suber - Open Access in 2007
Judith A. Turner - Editor's Note
Donald Waters - Open Access Publishing and the Emerging Infrastructure for 21st-Century Scholarship

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