22 March 2008

Information literacy overload?

This is prompted by an announcement of yet another journal devoted to 'information literacy' - the new Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, which starts publication in November.

There does seem to be overkill in this subfield of librarianship (or, perhaps, these days, of education?). We now have in addition to this new Nordic Journal:

Journal of Information Literacy
Communications in Information Literacy
SIMILE (which hasn't published an issue this year, so far).
International Journal of eLiteracy (nothing published since 2005)

In addition to these, we have journals such as JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP, PORTAL-LIBRARIES AND THE ACADEMY, REFERENCE & USER SERVICES QUARTERLY, LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE RESEARCH, COLLEGE & RESEARCH LIBRARIES, ELECTRONIC LIBRARY, HEALTH INFORMATION AND LIBRARIES JOURNAL - all of which published papers on the subject in 2007 and, of course, the occasional special issue of other journals, such as ITALICS

I wish the Nordic Journal every success, particularly as it is open access, but in this rather cluttered area it may have some difficulty in attracting submissions.

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