24 March 2008

You might not have noticed...

...but I think we're in the middle of another Internet boom. The number of new "Web 2.0" applications coming on stream is amazing. Of course, as in the first boom (followed by the dot.com collapse), most of these ventures will fail and only one or two will actually find either an established place in the market or, more likely (and perhaps more hoped-for) will be bought up by MSoft, Yahoo, Google, or any other big players to become part of those companies' Web 2.0 efforts.

This post is prompted by a series of posts in the Webware blog covering Blist (a database), SlideRocket (presentation software), Orgoo (one-stop for messaging, e-mail and other accounts), Vello (VoIP conference calls), Nuconomy (site statistics), Cozimo (image annotation collaboration), Liquid Planner (planning software), Slide Share (sharing PowerPoint presentations), and that's just a few of them. I liked the presentations on Blist and SlideRocket - but I really can't see myself using any of these. The Web 2.0 notion seems to have spawned the notion that if you think of any conceivable application you can produce "software as a service" to present it over the Web. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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