23 June 2008

The new issue of Information Research

The new issue of Information Research, Volume 13 no. 2 is now online:


Lorna Uden, Pedro Valderas and Oscar Pastor
An activity-theory-based model to analyse Web application requirements

Erik A.M. Borglund and Lena-Maria Öberg
How are records used in organizations?

Charles Oppenheim and Mark A.C. Summers
Citation counts and the Research Assessment Exercise, part VI: Unit of assessment 67 (music)

Kursat Demiryurek, Huseyin Erdem, Vedat Ceyhan, Savas Atasever and Osman Uysal
Agricultural information systems and communication networks: the case of dairy farmers in the Samsun province of Turkey

Silvania V. Miranda and Kira M.A. Tarapanoff
Information needs and information competencies: a case study of the off-site supervision of financial institutions in Brazil

Rimvydas Skyrius
The current state of decision support in Lithuanian business

Gary Burnett and Paul T. Jaeger
Small worlds, lifeworlds, and information: the ramifications of the information behaviour of social groups in public policy and the public sphere

Watch this: LINQ shifts the paradigm of query — one of a series of occasional columns by Terrence A. Brooks of the Information School, University of Washington, USA.

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