28 June 2008

Preliminary report on the reader survey

With more than 200 responses so far, there’s enough information for a preliminary report on the reader survey. But please continue to complete the survey!

26.64% of you have been reading the journal for more than five years.
22.69% found the journal in the course of doing a literature search
40.64% of you only read occasional papers of direct interest to you
31.17% use the journal to help them in their research (and 24.68% use it for personal professional development)
78.35% find the journal Easy or Very Easy to navigate
33.79% rarely use the author index
33.48% occasionally use the subject index
33.64% occasionally use the search page
32.87% never use the Google site-search box

The areas of most interest to you are, in rank order:

1. Information behaviour
2. Information retrieval
3. Internet research
4. Everyday information seeking
5. Information management
6. Digital libraries
7. Web searching
8. Web design and development
9. Information systems
10. Electronic publishing

You live and work in…

21.97% United States of America
16.59% United Kingdom
5.38% Australia
4.48% Canada
4.04% Spain
3.59% Brazil
2.69% Finland
2.24% India
2.24% Ireland
2.24% Netherlands

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