03 November 2008

...and things happen.

While the Weblog has been dormant a number of developments of potential interest have happened. The first I noticed was the decision by the American Library Association to make American Libraries open access. You have to load the ebrary reader (which needs a workaround if you use Firefox 3.0).

The next item to come to my notice was a similar decision by the British Medical Association to make the British Medical Journal (which now seems to be known only by its initials) entirely open access. I imagine this will mean more obscure diseases being reported to GPs by their usual hypochondriacs!

Finally, there's been the launch of academia.edu, a kind of social networking site for academics. It is rather sparsely populated at present with both institutions and people. For example, my old university, Sheffield, appears not be present at all, while the University of Boras, where I now work part-time, is present, but with only one staff member. Perhaps it will grow.

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