18 November 2008

In Sweden again...

...where I'm working, among other things, on a Delphi study on research needs in Swedish librarianship. We have finished the second round of the survey and have a workshop on Friday in Gothenburg to see if we can establish a consensus on the priority to be assigned to different research areas.

We began with a list of 64 research areas (collections of topics on various themes) and, as a result of the first round of scoring, reduced this to 42 for the second round. The second round appeared to produce a slightly higher degree of consensus on the importance of the topics, as measured by correlating the rankings suggested by the scores from different library sectors. We go to the Workshop with a set of fourteen research areas, identified on their appearance in at least two of the top ten rankings from the different sectors. It will be interesting to see what emerges as having top priority.

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