03 November 2008

Time passes...

I hadn't realised how long it had been since I posted anything to the Weblog - I've simply been too busy to bother with it. Doing what? Well, shortly after the ISIC Conference, referred to in earlier posts, I had ten days in Sweden where I'm working on a couple of projects. The first is just coming to an end: a Delphi study of research needs in librarianship for the Svensk Biblioteksforening (Swedish Library Association) - we were in the process of getting the second round of questionnaires returned and building another SPSS data file of the returns. The other project is SHAMAN, funded by the European Community and with 18 partners. Not long after the trip to Sweden, the SHAMAN members of Work Package 1 met in Nice to finalise the first deliverable and to discuss relationships between the different work packages. From my point of view, this was a useful meeting which sorted out a number of difficulties I had seen in the work package for which we at Boras have primary responsibility - Demonstration and Evaluation. As for Nice - well, the weather was truly awful - low temperatures and almost continuous rain. However, one plus was one of a number of free concerts being given over a three day period in various venues. This was the concert to celebrate 20 years of the Virgin Classics record label, held in the Acropolis convention, exhibition and concert hall complex. The concert was held in Apollon, the main concert hall, and I would guess that almost all of its 2,500 seats was occupied. The artists performing were excellent and two and a half hours passed very quickly!

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